Hacked By UGMH

" Fuck Off RSO "

In 1970, the terrorist group RSO (Rohinngya Solidarity Organization) was formed in Bangladesh.
Their resolution is to invade, seizure and to build Islamic country in Rakhine State.
That terrorist group is funded by Bangladesh government itself, Saudi, Kuwait, Pakistan and UAE.
Around 50 million dollars flow into their pocket per year.
Bangladesh assents RSO in their country for religious cause.
Another reason is to build Buffer Zone, which is practiced in most of the countries.
Mostly in border areas in which they create armed rival group to attack against the country on the other side,
so that even when war breaks out the adversary has to face its rival first instead of having direct contact with Bangladesh army.
At this moment, Bangladesh is using RSO as buffer zone declaring there is no RSO in Bangladesh,
although they speak same language, they worship same god and practice same culture, Terrorism.
It is not just a conflict in Rakhine, it is the start of their Jihad. Be very careful brothers of Myanmar.

Greetz:: All Black Hats in Myanmar